Yoga For Adults

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Yoga For Adults

Blue Skies Yoga also provide an online and in person yoga class Dublin service tailored to adults. Our in person Dublin yoga classes are held in community centres across South Dublin.

Our classes and guided meditation sessions are designed to help students understand and listen to their bodies while improving flexibility and concentration in a calm and peaceful environment.

What Students Can Expect From Our Dublin Yoga Classes

We truly believe in every single benefit that our yoga class Dublin service can bring to the everyday lives of our students.

  • Create social connections

  • Ease back pain and arthritis symptoms

  • Improve strength, balance and flexibility

  • Improve their heart health

  • Increase energy

  • Manage stress

  • Promote self-care

  • Relax and sleep better

Get in touch to learn more about online yoga classes in Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for a yoga school near me that teaches children. Can you help?

    Blue Skies Yoga conduct yoga for kids classes in a number of different settings throughout Dublin. We are also a member of the South Dublin County Council library panel and teach yoga for kids in libraries across South Dublin.

  • Do you host online yoga school classes?

    Yes. We can organise online group classes through Zoom for schools in Dublin. Please get in touch to further discuss the specific requirements for your school's online group class.