Blue Skies Yoga

Professional and passionate Yoga Bananas ® accredited Children’s Yoga in Dublin.

Blue Skies Yoga

Blue Skies Yoga is a professional Yoga Bananas ® accredited South Dublin children’s yoga company that is available both in person and online for:

  • Schools

  • Crèches

  • Group classes

  • Yoga Parties

  • Private lessons

  • Seasonal camps

  • 1 to 1

Using the Yoga Bananas ® technique, we teach yoga and mindfulness to your little ones in fun, inspiring and structured way. With over 170 techniques to explore there's something for everyone.

We are a trusted panel member of South Dublin County Council libraries.

Covid 19 Procedures

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Yoga In Schools

Yoga In Schools

We host classes for kids throughout schools in Dublin both in person and online through Zoom. Our wellbeing programmes are designed specifically for 5-11 year-olds to enhance their personal power, encourage self-belief and build strong and healthy bodies and minds.

Yoga In Crèches

Yoga In Crèches

Our weekly mindfulness programmes and classes in Dublin crèches are ran by partnering with early childhood providers throughout Dublin.

Yoga Parties Dublin

Yoga Parties Dublin

Our parties provide healthy and inclusive party environments for boys and girls of all ages. We can tailor any birthday party activities to suit the appropriate age group.

Yoga Group Classes Dublin

Small group classes are available both in person and online through Zoom. Our in person group classes are held in community centres across South Dublin.

Pregnancy Yoga Dublin

Pregnancy Yoga Dublin

Our teachers help mothers prepare their minds and bodies for pregnancy and childbirth through hugely beneficial guided prenatal yoga classes. All mothers who are expecting can safely participate. This service will be available in early 2021.

We help mothers bond with their newborn babies. Contact us today

Blue Skies Yoga

About me

Hello, I’m Kylie, a mum, wife, world traveller, reiki healer, yoga lover and founder of Blue Skies Yoga. I found yoga many years ago, but increased my practice 3 years ago when going through some challenging times. The sense of calm and the confidence I gained while growing in my practice gave me courage to leave my life in the corporate world to focus on what I knew was my calling.

I love yoga. I truly believe in every single benefit that it provides. I love children. I see how our little ones are experiencing the world in a very different way to what it was when we were growing up.

My aim is to give children tools that they can use daily, tools to help them understand and listen to their bodies, to help them make decisions, to build confidence, to instil a sense of calm all while improving concentration and flexibility.

My teaching technique is fun, safe, energetic and calming. I will help children understand kindness and inclusivity. My hope is that I can teach little people to be kind, to give, to let go, to be brave, to move their body is a healthy way and most of all to breathe! Then maybe, just maybe they can teach all us older people through ways that only children can teach adults.


"Flynn started yoga in the term before lockdown. He looked forward to it every week after school. Some of his friends from his class did it with him which added to the enjoyment. Since the lockdown Kylie has gone above and beyond to facilitate her class through zoom. Flynn now gets to continue his yoga in the comfort of his own home and gets to see lots of familiar faces which has been a god send for him at this difficult time. Kylie teaches the children lots of exercises that are suitable for their age group but not only that she encourages kindness and thoughtfulness which is wonderful to see. We are really looking forward to continuing our class with Kylie in Blueskies yoga for as long as possible and fingers crossed the class can commence outside zoom again soon but for now we are very grateful to Kylie for all her she is doing️"


"I really love my yoga class because its so much fun! I have loads of fun doing the exercises and it's very relaxing. I love my teacher Kylie because she is really kind and gentle and fun."

Flynn - aged 6

"Daniel started with Kylie when she opened up in Knocklyon. From day1 he fell in love with yoga and looked forward to it each week and it’s was his 40mins of relaxation after a busy school day. Since lockdown Kylie made the amazing decision to continue classes on zoom this for myself and Daniel was great because it brought a little bit of normality into this crazy time and he got to see some friends from school extra bonus. Kylie has been an amazing teacher she is just so kind and loving and gives all the kids lots of encouragement. We are delighted to continue on zoom classes and so grateful that Kylie at Blueskies yoga has made this decision."


"Thank you Kylie for making yoga so fun I love going every week. The exercises are fun and my favourite part is the relaxation.Thank you for being so kind Love Daniel "

Daniel - age 7

"Jack did his first yoga class in school and loved it so when we heard Kylie was setting up a kids yoga class we were first on the list. Jack is very active and sport mad so yoga was a way for him to relax but still feel like he was exercising. Jack picked Kylie’s class over his weekly GAA session which is a testament to how great the class is. Kylie is a natural with the kids and brings such a positive energy to the class. We’ll definitely be booking another course for Jack’s little sister."

Louise Jones

"I really like the volcano exercise and Kylie is a nice teacher."

Jack -age 5

Children’s Yoga FAQ

  • Why should children do yoga?

    In today’s fast-paced world, our children are dealing with school pressures, busy parents, social and family challenges, anxiety, bullying, video games and social media to name a few. These influences can be stressful for children and can cause the body and mind to tense up. Kid's Yoga helps children nurture a positive image of themselves and others. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, improves social behaviour and helps children to be calm.

  • Why Blue Skies Yoga?

    We are focused on the wellbeing of children. Every child attending our class will be provided with tools that they can add to their life toolbox. They can then use these tools in their day to day life to help them feel safe, connected and supported as well as prepare them to face challenges and negative aspects of life with a positive approach. We combine wellbeing, mindfulness and yoga into fun, engaging and supportive classes for children aged 3-11yrs. Classes are age-appropriate and encourage children’s natural urge to move around, be creative and have fun.